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The End is here for St Mary's

Hell House is NO MORE, as of today 2.13.06, when I was informed by Lauren Green from Fox 5, doing some research, I assume. I was surprised, caught off guard, really, I knew it was coming, but like this? I promptly went over to see, and yes, it is nothing but rubble, with bulldozers doing their business. The same guy who filled in the pool was there.

I'm not sure if anyone knows this but :
According to Ilchester Memories, George Ellicott, Jr. and Father Joseph Hempraecht (the Provincial) signed the Contract of Sale on June 12, 1866. The Redemptorists paid $15,000 for the 110-acre site, including Ellicott's stone house and several farm houses. Rev. Joseph Firle celebrated the first mass on August 28, 1866 in a small room on the third floor of the stone house.

Anyway here are the photo's I took on February 15, and to be honest for the first time, when I went into the basement rooms, it suddenly got rather cold and I could see my breath, when just before, it wasn't visible. Even the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, I just felt loneness, bloody weird really, as I don't really believe in that stuff. So me being the brave old sod that I am, left rather abruptly, with clean underware I might add.

America as a whole is a funny old country you know, even though it isn't that old compared to the Middle East and Europe, they don't seem to care about their heritage, I mean come on, the previous owners of the land was the Ellicott's for crying out loud! who even had a house lower down towards the road. Why not preserve the building like they did with the Patapsco Female Institute? I guess we'll never know!