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Little Black Story
by Rachele

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Growing up, all the kids in Ellicott City (& the surrounding towns) had heard the stories of the Hermit Caretaker & the rumors about Hell House. I only got the chance to visit the house once, while it was still standing. I have, however, done my research and written a few short papers throughout school on the house and the surrounding property, including the paper mill and the train bridge and tunnel.

I so fondly refer to this area as my "stomping grounds," and I'm sure I am not the only person with great memories of this area on Ilchester Rd. I make sure to take my friends on little tours & such. Which leads me to this batch of recent pictures.

A couple of friends of mine came in from North Carolina and wanted to see the sights. I took them exploring up at Old St Mary's College & the train tunnel. I was sad to see that what I heard about the destruction of the College was true. It had been torn down in February of 2006, while I was living in North Carolina.

We climbed up to the top of the giant pile of bricks and other various period construction materials. I had almost forgotten how beautiful the view was from this side of the river.

Then we ventured over to what remains of the Lower House. After climbing through some rubble, it was discovered that two rooms were still mostly intact. The way the light filtered in through tree branches and stone created some almost wicked looking shadows on the walls. Appliances and such are strewn about the hill just below the house. It was truly a sight to see.

My pictures give it no justice, really.