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Hell House Erin's Gallery

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I'm very interested in the history around here, because well, there's a lot.  I've only been to hell house once, but it was a very cool place.  Although nothing paranormal took place while I was there, it was still somewhere I'm happy to say I've been.  I wanted to visit again to take more pictures, but recently found out from this site that it was torn down.  The view from up there was beautiful to say the least.  I apologize for the one with the trees in it. 

The rest of the pictures are not exactly only main street.. One is..but the rest are of around Ellicott city.  There Is one picture on main street.  It's I believe a train bridge, at the end of town going towards the large factory.  I'm not sure which direction that is.  I also have a picture of Lilburn my dream house!  Trying to save almost 3 million $ is going to take a lifetime! hehe! I have one picture of the Female Institute, and also a picture from a cemetery that I know nothing about :(  Its located in the "Seven Hills" area.  I think it might be a family cemetery, because it is not that large.  It looks very old though.  Maybe you know something about it?  I don't even know what it's called...but I would love to know more!