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Bella's Gallery May 13, 2005

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it's nice to see someone paying tribute to that place. creepy, though it was.

I'll tell all of you what it was like being at Hell House. First of all, I decided a few weeks ago that, after reading people's accounts, if I were going to go, I was going during the day. [ Anyone who goes up there at night has to be a complete idiot. ]

That said a few of my friends and I all decided to venture up there with cameras in hand. Hell House is in the middle of the woods so you have to drive down some windy roads. So we arrive & park at the bottom of the driveway. After one of my friends, Tammy, has finished praying over all of us for protection & has braided a prayer into our hair, we start hiking up the driveway. On the way up, someone mentions that it should be ultra creepy because it's friday the 13th. At this point, I think we all got a little more nervous. So we continued to hike &, as the air thickened, we caught a view of the main building.

The main building was an amazing sight to behold. There was quite a strange aura surrounding it but, in it's own strange way, it was beautiful. So, Tammy & I started around it one way & Tiffy & Taryn, the other two with us, started around it in the opposite direction. Apparently, they got around it before we did because they disappeared. On one side of the main building we saw what looked to be a garage or storage building. Across from that was something that looked like it used to be a temple of some sort. Tammy, who can sense things beyond gut feeling, said that it was not a good place to linger for too long. That said, we walked a little further to the stairs that everyone talks about whenever Hell House is mentioned. They are the stairs that lead up to the satanic altars.

Walking up these stairs, my upper right arm began to tingle because the anticipation was getting the best of me. As soon as the tingling stopped, I became incredibly calm. We passed the greenhouse & started to go pretty deep in the woods.

As we got closer to the first altar, Tammy began gaping for breath. I sort of hid behind her & followed her. She was reiterating the bad vibes that she was feeling & advised me to get the photographs that I wanted quickly so that we could move on. I never took fotos faster. I was getting nervous again & felt the tingling again. As we hurried back down the stairs & past the green house, I felt calm again. Well, that was until Tammy asked me if I had heard the growling. I had no idea what she was talking about & got a little shaky. [ She later explained to me that she had said a silent prayer & whatever demon was inside of that alter was growling at her which is why she heard it & I didnt. ]

We walked up another path meeting back up with Taryn & Tiffy. They spoke of an alter with a huge black cross. I really wanted to see what they were talking about so they lead us to it. It looked like something straight out of the Exorcist. Tammy began gaping for breath again & started to feel dizzy. Again, I followed her & actually had the balls to walk inside of it. It was eerie & I felt completely unwelcome there.

Tiffy wanted to show me the pool that all of the websites debated existing. It is there. It isnt much but it's there. However, that is the area where I felt my first cold spot. It was a very surreal thing. The weather on Friday was overcast & a little bit humid. It doesnt make a lot of sense for there to be any sort of cold.

On the way back from the pool area, we found what we thought was a summer kitchen. I felt very relaxed here. No wierdness, no being scared which is strange cos it was only a few feet away from that second altar.

I suggest that anyone who wants to go up there, go up during the day. We were up there around 130 & this was my experience. I wouldnt suggest visiting at night unless you're an idiot ____

So yes, my story is dated to May 13, 2005. It was creepy & amazing.