Hell House - St Mary's College, the Myths, truth and facts
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The Answers
With thanks to The Howard County Historical Society, especially Mike Walczak for his help during this project. All images and newspaper articles are scanned in from originals obtained by the above society and copyright to them, and me. These are the only known scanned in originals from the St. Mary's brochure, which has over 120 pages outlining the school back in the day. enjoy your stay here @ Hell House

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St Mary's College

Hell House - The Myth

"Many say the place is haunted. Others talk of satanic altars or drug labs hidden within the cavernous old building, and people sacrificing goats, even being attacked by a crazy old caretaker with a shotgun and his vicious killer rottweiler dogs?

I'm sure you'll agree, after you study this site, Hell House is a myth and nothing more. Maybe you should come inside, sniff around and judge for yourselves.

I don't suggest you go up there, especially now as there is nothing left. The building was knocked down in February 2006 after a century in existence, and within 7 years of being vacated.

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